Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions


These General Terms (further “GT”) stipulate the terms and conditions for membership and use of WorkNomads CoWorking Space. Upon entering our website and applying to use any of the services and/or membership we oblige you to agree to be bound by and to comply with these GT.


WN offers fully equipped luxurious coworking space with the aim to create and maintain a comfortable and friendly work environment where members have their own space to work while everyone knows each other and is a part of a community of people sharing common ideas and lifestyles.

Services and Facilities

WN offers the following facilities and services to its members and their guests and visitors (the latter being entitled to use facilities and services included in their host membership package and/or extra booked):

  • Open space working desks;
  • Use of conference rooms up to 2 hours daily and telephone booths**;
  • Hi-speed internet and WiFi;
  • Access to luxurious common spaces including terrace and access to rooftop bar and restaurant;
  • Complimentary coffee, tea and filtered water;
  • Printing of up to 30 pages daily;
  • Access to a fully equipped kitchen with use of fridge, cupboards and cutlery;
  • Complimentary underground parking spaces for members, visitors and guests subject to availability;
  • Use of the workspace and other WN premises for corporate events or all-day meetings**

Membership and Daily Pass

You may use WN coworking space, facialities and services by either becoming a member (for types of membership, membership packages and prices visit https://coworking.worknomads.com), or get a daily pass. You may become a member or get a daily pass to use WM coworking space by performing a self-registration at https://coworking.worknomads.com or at our reception desk. Just follow the link and the instructions provided on our web and get your profile, password and access code or ask our reception staff for assistance.
All registrations, membership and passes are subject to availability. Use of workspace/facilities under flexible use packages (during a certain number of days/hours per month or other period of time) may not be carried forward if not used during their term of validity. Membership is “frozen” if WN workspace has been unavailable due to government restrictions or force-major events and shall be continued after the restrictions are lifted/force-major event ceases. Your membership shall be automatically renewed for the initial package/term of membership unless terminated by you at our registration platform.

Access to workplace and facilities

You may access and use a WN workspace by obtaining a membership or a day-pass. Upon performing your registration at https://coworking.worknomads.com you receive an access code on your mobile or other electronic device for the premises and facilities which are available depending on your membership/pass type. After obtaining registration and access, you may book conference rooms and other facilities, subject to availability, through your profile on our registration platform.
WN Coworking space is accessible during business days’ working hours (9am-6pm). WN reserves the right to limit access outside business days’ working hours. As an exception, WN may close the working space for up to 5 business days subject to at least 10 days written notice to its members. WN shall provide alternative workspace and facilities to members and guests based on their package types and bookings.

Guests and Visitors

As a member, you may invite guests who may use your personal workspace for a working day or more and also to arrange meetings at the WN Coworking space conference rooms and other places designated for socializing and meetings. Your guests and visitors are required to register in our reservation system at https://coworking.worknomads.com either personally or by their hosting WN Coworking space member, or at our reception.
All guests and visitors should comply with the present GT and become bound by the latter upon access to WN Coworking space.

Membership Categories and Daily Passes

WN Coworking offers the following types of membership and daily passes*:

  • Daily individual cowork pass;
  • Daily boardroom cowork pass;
  • Daily conference room cowork pass;
  • One month individual membership cowork pass;
  • Twelve months individual membership cowork pass;
  • Monthly collective cowork pass for 5 or 10 persons.

Correspondence, Registered Address and Seat

Members may receive letters and other correspondence at WN premises and collect it from the reception desk. WN shall not be responsible for timely delivery or pick up of any correspondence and messages by its members, nor of lost or delayed mail. Members may not use the address of WN workspace as official address to be entered in the Company Register without prior written approval of WN.

Membership and Service Fees

Fees for membership and services included in respective membership packages are envisaged in our Price List available at https://coworking.worknomads.com. WN will inform members by email at the electronic address provided during membership registration https://coworking.worknomads.com about changes of prices and fees which shall be applicable from the first date of the month following the notification.

Payment Method

We are cash-free territory and therefore accept only wire payments. Available payment methods are listed on our registration page.


We realize that working in a common space calls for organization and rules so that everyone feels comfortable and enjoys some privacy and quiet at their workplace. Therefore, we would like our members to be aware of the terms of use of WN workspace and facilities while believing that best rules shall be the ones not written but implicitly agreed upon and respected by the members of the WN community.


We expect our members and their guests to use the workspace and the building of WN without creating excessive noise or otherwise disturbing other members and/or visitors. Phone calls and meetings should be carried out in the designated areas. Short and discreet phone calls and private discussions are allowed in the common areas unless other members object or complain.

Tidy and clean workspace and meeting areas

Members are expected to leave their desks and other working spaces clean and tidy upon leaving the WN coworking place. Meeting rooms, phone booths and other workspace used by a member should be left free of any personal belongings and cutlery.

Personal items and own equipment

Members may use their equipment and put their personal belongings on and closely around their desks, including small plants, souvenirs etc. However, members are not allowed to use and/or display personal items which are offensive to other members and visitors, which are illegal or which create excessive noise, smell or otherwise disturb other users of the working space. Members and guests are not allowed to put any blinders, stickers, curtains or other material on the walls, windows or furniture and equipment of the working spaces and service areas.

Pet friendly

We are pet friendly so you may bring your pet with you and keep it in your working area insofar as it does not disturb other members or guests. Please let us know, however, if you or any of your visitors have any health or other reasons to avoid the presence of pets. WN reserves the right to ask a pet to be removed if it disturbs co-workers, if the presence of pets during certain meetings and events in WN premises is not appropriate, or if we receive complaints from WN coworking space users.

Use of communal kitchens and facilities

Members have free access to fully equipped kitchenette, coffee/tea and filtered water facilities. Any food or beverages stored in refrigerators should be removed by Friday of each week otherwise they will be disposed by the cleaning staff.

Promotional Materials, Signage and Labels

Displaying, affixing, distributing or otherwise making evident to other users promotional and advertising materials and signs, labels, signage and other similar items is subject to advance written approval of WN management.


Smoking in WN coworking space and the entire building is not allowed. You may smoke only in the designated open-air smoking sites or outside the building.

Prohibited substances

Use of drugs and other illegal substances as well as alcoholic beverages and/or bringing in any hazardous materials and items is strictly forbidden in the coworking space.

Legal and Safe Online Presence

We would like to ask all of our members and their guests that have access to the internet through our network to refrain from reaching, reviewing and/or uploading any electronic sites, data, files and other materials whose content is illegal, immoral or otherwise breaches the law or third parties’ rights, including intellectual property rights. More specifically, members and guests should refrain from 1) visiting websites which contain illegal, hateful or improper content; 2) Using the computer to perform any form of fraud, software, film, music or any other kind of piracy; 3) Downloading software or any copyrighted material belonging to third parties unless such download is permitted under a license or other agreement; 4) hacking into unauthorized areas; 5) Introducing any form of malicious software into the WN network. WN maintains the right to monitor the volume of internet traffic and sites visited and to impose certain restrictions or other technical means to limit or avoid above illegal actions. However, any liability and/or sanction for such violations will be borne by the person/s who performed the offence and they should compensate WN for any damages and sanctions that may be imposed on it or its management for such violation.

Filming and Recording

Members and guests are not allowed to film, take pictures or record the WN workspace, conference rooms and servicing areas if other users or guests appear on such pictures or videos, or recorded without their explicit permission.

Video surveillance

Please be informed that WN workspace and conference rooms as well as other common areas are subject to video surveillance and recording for security purposes only by strict observation of data protection requirements.


Acceptance of GT

Any services provided to our members, visitors and guests as well as their presence at WN premises and building shall be subject to these GT. WN reserves the right to update the GT at any time and shall attempt to contact its members and inform them about such updates through the contacts provided by them or through its website/platform.

No Unlawful or Prohibited Use

As a condition for use of WN workspace services you hereby declare that you shall not use such services for any purpose that is illegal or prohibited or which may damage or impair WN, its staff and other WN customers.

WN Right to Disclose Information

WN shall use, store and process your personal data collected for the purpose of using its services in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and its Personal Data Policy available at https://coworking.worknomads.com. WN shall not be responsible, however, for storing and keeping personal data (either yours or pertaining to third parties) used by our members, guests, visitors and/or stored in their desks, workplace, computers, lockers, documents and other personal belongings. WN shall not bear any liability for breach or illegal disclosure of such personal data and should be indemnified for any damages, costs and liabilities that may arise in this respect.


WN members, their guests and visitors acknowledge and declare that during their visit of WN premises and use of WN services may be exposed to confidential information pertaining to WN and/or other customers, members, guests, visitors or staff. Confidential information shall be considered any information that relates to WN, its members, customers, guests, visitors, staff which is nonpublic and confidential in nature, as well as information about business, sales, operations, know-how, products, employees, customers, marketing plans, financial information, business affairs, any information obtained though examination or access to the facilities, computer systems and/or books and records of WN, its customers, members, staff, guests and visitors or other information that is known or has reason to be known as confidential. All members, visitors and guests of WN coworking space should keep above Confidential Information in strict confidence and not disclose it to any third parties, nor to use it without the permit of the person/s such information belongs to. This obligation is not applicable if the disclosure of Confidential Information is required by law or by a lawful order of the court or other authority.


To the extent permitted by law, WN provides the services “as is” and hereby disclaim with regard to services any warranties and conditions, explicit or implied, including but not limited to any warranties or duties as to merchantability, fitness for particular purpose, use, results or lack of negligence. Further, WN, its directors and staff shall not be liable for any indirect and consequential loss or damage, including loss of profit, loss of confidential or other information, business interruption, personal injury loss of privacy, failure to meet any duty arising out of or in any way related to the participation or inability to participate in or use the services, of provision of or failure to provide the services, or otherwise under or in connection with any agreement for use WN services.

Limitation of Liability

Notwithstanding the damages that may be incurred, including indirect or consequential damages addressed above, the total liability of WN, its managers and staff shall not exceed the actual loss suffered up to EUR 500.


WN reserves its right to suspend or terminate any of the services hereunder at any time. WN may terminate any membership, registration or subscription for use of any of the services provided hereunder with immediate effect in case of breach of this GT. Indemnification WN shall be indemnified and hold harmless from and against any claims, liabilities, losses, damages costs, fines and penalties based upon or arising from illegal, negligent actions, errors and omissions or willful misconduct or fraud of any of its members, visitors, guests or other third parties resulting from a participation, provision or use of any of the services provided by WN.